[TRLog] Wishlist

Barry Martz K8BK dx@traverse.com
Sun, 12 Apr 1998 13:15:07 -0500

Hi All:

Have not been paying real good attention as of late, so excuse me if 
this stuff has been covered...

1.  I saw something a while back about making a TRlog LOGGING program 
for regular operating.  Has there been any further updates on that?  
Count me in on that one!!!

2.  One thing I liked about NA and CT was the Quick Graph feature 
showing your operation hourly in graphical format.  Any chance of 
that feature being added?

3.  Has anyone come up with a good QSLing program to use with TRlog 
using the Page labels?

Sri if this has been covered.
Thanks  de Barry/K8BK
Barry Martz K8BK  (ex.KI8W)
Traverse City MI 
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