[TRLog] Re: 6.24 SCP broken

D. R. Evans n7dr@lucent.com
Mon, 13 Apr 1998 09:44:36 -0700

On 12 Apr 98 at 21:52, Tree  N6TR wrote:

> No - what I was saying was to try typing some characters other
> than JA1 the second time.

Oh, OK. I thought you were being facetious. Sorry. I'll try that 
tonight at home and let you know. My off-the-top-of-my-head memory is 
that it doesn't matter whether the second string is the same as the 
first, but I could be wrong. As I say, I'll let you know.

> What is going on (I think) is that the program won't do the lookup
> again since it is the same letters, but doesn't display anything.
> I am not trying to say it is a bug, but it is something that
> probably doesn't really happen very often in actual contest
> conditions.

I think it happens quite a lot. At least, I found it 
happened often enough to be infuriating when I was playing with JIDX 
this weekend, sufficiently so that -- as I said earlier -- I dug out 
a very old TR that is my standard "emergency" version and used that 
for the rest of the contest.


OH! I just read my TRLOG mail and it looks like the whole issue is 

Incidentally, yes I discovered that ESC worked, and I should have 
mentioned that in my original post. Unfortunately, if one is in S&P 
mode you can't use ESC because that puts you back into CQ mode as 

Anyway, I'm glad you've found the problem and I look forward to the 
next release.

  73 -- Doc

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