[TRLog] AA4NU M/M w/6.24

Billy W. Cox Jr. aa4nu@ix.netcom.com
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 10:52:57 -0400

Ok, quit snickering at AA4NU M/M ... it was FUN !  :)
As a follow-up using 6.24 in a M/M (OK a small M/M)

The xYL and I ran up 891 Q's in the WPX using two linked
PCs, using K1EA DVPs, and HAD ZERO crashes ...

We don't use packet here so that makes things easy.

ONLY nit we had was when you change bands, if you don't
hit ESCAPE, then the QSO number is WRONG ... the
program changes the frequency FB, but the QSO number
is still from the previous band ... Example ... you are on
40m and give out QSO # 123 ... QSY to 160m and hear
a prefix mult you need ... If you don't hit ESCAPE 1st, then
you look at the screen, you'll give out # 124 as the QSO
number ... then realize that you are on 160m, and the QSO
number should be # 19 ... Mumble under your breath, and
hope the station is still there ... and give out the correct Q#.
We dealt with it by always remembering to hit ESCAPE
when we changed bands ... it's a nit for sure ...

That's the only problem we noted. We saw NO problems
with the 2 PCs tracking the separate band QSO numbers.

BTW ... This was her first time out with TR, having used 
"other flavors" in the past. A quick walk-thru and she was
on her way ... (She's probably better with it than her OM!)

73 Billy AA4NU  (and Pat KB4HFI)

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