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Thomas M. Schaefer toms@inconnect.com
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 12:40:53 -0600

>From my own experience, I was introduced to TR through the PD version
specifically at Field Day two years ago. We use TR for Field Day in the Utah
ARC and for people to be able to practice with it would be great. If anyone
wants to try it out before they decide to buy, the Field Day option will
give them a good way to do it. Perhaps, the other contests can be in there,
but only in simulator mode.


PS OK, what hospitality suite should I go to first?
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>>Rather than have TR use up this memory for just one contest, I am
>>proposing making a special version of TR just for field day.
>I think that'd be just fine---   but...
>>Furthurmore - since the current public domain version of TR (4.05) is
>>way out of date, I am thinking of making the FD only version of the
>>software public domain.  Perhaps I will add the sprints and NAQP to
>>it as well.
>Putting on my marketing hat, if the purpose of the public domain version is
>to (you'll excuse the expression), suck people in... then I think that
>would be better served with a general purpose version even if it is out of
>FWIW, 73
>Bill, W1HIJ
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