[TRLog] News from N6TR

W1HIJ--Bill W1HIJ@contesting.com
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 11:31:52 -0700


>Rather than have TR use up this memory for just one contest, I am 
>proposing making a special version of TR just for field day.  
I think that'd be just fine---   but...

>Furthurmore - since the current public domain version of TR (4.05) is
>way out of date, I am thinking of making the FD only version of the
>software public domain.  Perhaps I will add the sprints and NAQP to
>it as well.  
Putting on my marketing hat, if the purpose of the public domain version is
to (you'll excuse the expression), suck people in... then I think that
would be better served with a general purpose version even if it is out of

FWIW, 73

Bill, W1HIJ
Newport Beach, CA, DM13bo
Newport Beach RACES (ass't R/O)

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