[TRLog] Free Field Day version

Tony and Celia Becker becker@SPRINTMAIL.COM
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 19:55:58 -0600

Hi Tree!

At 08:41 AM 4/16/98 -0700, Tree wrote:
>One big loose end is Field Day, which has made digital QSOs count
>as a separate band.  It is pretty straight forward to add a new
>mode to TR, but it will result in the program using 8.5K more memory.
>Rather than have TR use up this memory for just one contest, I am 
>proposing making a special version of TR just for field day.  
>Furthurmore - since the current public domain version of TR (4.05) is
>way out of date, I am thinking of making the FD only version of the
>software public domain.  Perhaps I will add the sprints and NAQP to
>it as well.  

This is a very sage marketing idea and I encourage you to do it!  Get them
hooked on the program in the public service event and the minor events and
they will be predisposed to use it for the main event too.


AE0M, Tony Becker - becker@sprintmail.com - Silicon Valley, USA

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