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Dave Yanke n9ssg@pobox.com
Tue, 28 Apr 1998 18:52:17 -0600

Gather 'round to hear what swca@ionet.net said at about 19:51 on 27 Apr 98,:

> Yep.  There are ways to deal with it besides sticking your head in the
> sand and hitting "delete".  In a nutshell, spamming is illegal if phone
> lines (i.e. your modem) are used to get it to you.  This is a violation of
> Federal Law.  If you can sort out who the original ISP is for the sending
> email address, you can send them a very short message stating they are
> breaking the law, and that you are reporting them to the FCC.  

Someday, this may be true. But alas, as of now this is a misconception.

Currently there are no laws that apply to SPAM. Some mistakenly quote the 
laws regarding FAX, but due to the fact that they do not directly affect email, 
there has been much debate and attempts at legislating it. None of which has 
proven out.

This all revolves around if it is a problem here and, simply stated, it is not. If 
there were one a month, it would not be a problem, but in over a year I doubt 
anyone can even produce 3 or 4 here. This simply is not a big enough problem 
for all the people it will inconvience to have to deal with.

If it were up to a vote, it seems most want the list open. But since none of us 
pay for this service, it is ultimately up to Tree.

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