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Mon, 27 Apr 1998 19:51:05 -0500

I replied originally directly to Tree.  Since this discussion persists, and
being an activist, I tend to agree with the statement by AE2T:

>While hitting the delete key is easy, it doesn't address the real problem.

>Unless we take away that incentive, it will continue or get
>worse. Continuing to allow the spam to reach the list and hitting the delete
>key individually is exactly what the spammers want.

Yep.  There are ways to deal with it besides sticking your head in the sand
and hitting "delete".  In a nutshell, spamming is illegal if phone lines
(i.e. your modem) are used to get it to you.  This is a violation of
Federal Law.  If you can sort out who the original ISP is for the sending
email address, you can send them a very short message stating they are
breaking the law, and that you are reporting them to the FCC.  

I have found this to be very effective, since a year ago I was getting a
lot of spam and now, I receive NONE and have NO filters (sort of like an
old TR-3).  Therefore I think this technique works, and I feel I have done
my share to fight spam.  Hitting delete only perpetuates the situation.

Go here and read more, if you care:


Mark, N5OT

But then I am also somebody who writes my congressman.

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