[TRLog] Spam

Al Gritzmacher ae2t@bigfoot.com
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 10:31:26 -0400

At 08:10 AM 4/22/98 -0600, N7DR wrote:
>On 21 Apr 98 at 22:03, Tree  N6TR wrote:
>> 2. You can only post messages from the address you are subscribed
>> from.
>I thoroughly detest reflectors that enforce this, and I'm sure that 
>most people with multiple addresses do as well.
>Of course, I thoroughly detest spam as well....
The usual solution is to subscribe multiple addresses, but have a way to
turn off the messages going to some of them. That's usually built into the
maillist program.

The filters list in Eudora Pro that I have is getting so long that it is
taking longer for the filtering process than the mail download at times. And
that is after getting my mail through Bigfoot, which filters addresses of
known spammers. Unfortunately, the spammers know that slipping their spam
into a mail list gets it by all that.

While hitting the delete key is easy, it doesn't address the real problem.
The spammers still know that for all those who hit delete, there is a
percentage that may actually read their message. That is their incentive to
keep doing it. Unless we take away that incentive, it will continue or get
worse. Continuing to allow the spam to reach the list and hitting the delete
key individually is exactly what the spammers want.

Very few maillists that I belong to or have belonged to, allow posting from
outsiders and it has never been a problem to me, even with seven or eight
different e-mail addresses.

I'm getting sick of the SPAM (both here and directly) myself. But I refuse
to let it stop me from enjoying things like the TR Log list. Whatever is
decided is okay with me, but I'd prefer a closed list.



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