[TRLog] TR 6.24 and Helvetia Contest

Cedric Baechler cedric.baechler@ugfu.admin.ch
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 08:24:17 +0000


Last week the local club was qrv in the Helvetia contest as HB9FG and 
I noticed the following problems using TR:

1. When I log HB stations, there is always the canton to enter. Is 
there a way to force the user to enter the canton before logging the 
qso. Something like "RST QSO NUMBER AND DOMESTIC QTH" only for HB 
stations ?

2. Let's say I enter UR4E on 40m and then on 20m. I get the following 
 20CW  28-Apr-98 08:48  7 UR4E   599  599    4  UR       UR       1
 40CW  28-Apr-98 08:48  8 UR4E   599  599    5  Ur       Ur UR    1

Of course UR is right but Ur is a swiss canton. If the station was 
already worked, the exchange line begins with the prefix of the 
country (in this case UR).
If I enter e.g. F5A on 40m and then on 20m, the exchange line begins 
with F. If I add the report, I can't log the qso because F is not a 
canton! So I have to delete the F before entering the number.

P.S.: Last year the program didn't have the problem ?2. I don't 
remember the version we used.

73, Cedric HB9HFN

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