[TRLog] Using TRLog in the Massachusetts QSO Party

dave_hoaglin@abtassoc.com dave_hoaglin@abtassoc.com
Wed, 29 Apr 98 10:52:39 est

If you would like to use TRLog in the Massachusetts QSO Party, coming
up this weekend (2-3 May), I have put together the .DOM files and the
necessary settings for the LOGCFG.DAT file, both for Massachusetts
stations and non-Massachusetts stations (thanks to Ron, KK1L, for
sharing his LOGCFG.DAT file for the Florida QSO Party!).

If you would like the files, please send me e-mail; let me know
whether you want the MA files or the non-MA files.


Dave, K1HT    dave_hoaglin@abtassoc.com

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