[TRLog] WAE CW, Win98 compatibility?, Labels

Eric K9GY k9gy@contesting.com
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 02:44:24 -0700

Two questions for the list:

1) Testing out TR for the WAE CW this weekend...Seems like the QTC 
feature only sends QSO's that have scrolled off the screen (i.e. LOG.DAT)
and does not consider the QSO's in the window (LOG.TMP?)...
Does that mean I need to do a ALT-U to send the most up to date stuff? 
Seems kind of crazy to have to do that? Am I doing something wrong? 

2) Anyone running TR in DOS mode on a Win98 computer? I wanted to check 
whether it's ok to upgrade from Win3.1 before I mess up the radio 
computer i.e.- not being able to use my favorite pgm :)

3) Decided to go with 1" x 2 5/8" labels for the QSL card. Got 3000 
labels (Avery 5160) for about $20 at Office Max. Interesting idea that 
came to me was to remove the QSO report block from the QSL, heck it will 
just be covered up on 99.9% of the cards anyways! The small number of 
non-label cards that get sent out can be hand-written.

73, Eric 

P.S. - Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P take major hits 04 Aug... but TRLog stock 
gains 30% in the face of major stock market turmoil...hi...When's the 
IPO Tree? Look at what Gates started with...DOS !

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