[TRLog] TR Log and WAE

Lee Hiers, AA4GA aa4ga@contesting.com
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 02:40:07 +0000

On 12 Aug 98, Igor Sokolov wrote:

> One more question: you cannot preview the entire QTC block prior to
> sending it. If you happen to start sending QTC to DL0BD for instance and
> one of the lines in that QTC block is the info about QSO with DL0BD the
> program stops sending all the following lines. It looks like you
> promised to send 10 QTC to your contact in the beginning but then
> changed you mind and sent only 3 or 4. Yet the number that you have sent
> in the beginning says something like 32/10.  

I thought in a case like this that CTRL-Q sent "QTC 32/4 QRV?" and 
you could only send DL0BD 4 QTCs even if you had 100 available.  
That's the impression I got anyway.  

> I know, it is probably difficult to overcome but what about letting
> the operator to preview the QTC and use the cursor to move around
> the QTC screen so that unwanted line can be marked "do not send" or
> "repeat this line again" and the header is formed only after
> previewing and marking.

I was wondering about something like this, but I just guessed that 
the QTCs must be handled sequentially down the log without a LOT of 
re-programming.  That's why I thought the program sent 32/4 in the 
example above.  

> Anyway when all goes according to plan - great program. So easy to send
> QTC that you get a real pleasure out of the process. Thank you for the
> best-so-far logging program Tree.

Absolutely.  The QTC feature works so well, it makes me wish other 
contests besides the WAE had QTCs!  :-)

I just wish condx had been better and I had been more motivated to 
operate....   :-(

73 de Lee
Lee Hiers - AA4GA
Cornelia, GA

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