[TRLog] TR Log and WAE

Dale L. Martin kg5u@hal-pc.org
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 22:06:13 -0500

>One more question: you cannot preview the entire QTC block prior
>sending it. If you happen to start sending QTC to DL0BD for
instance and
>one of the lines in that QTC block is the info about QSO with
DL0BD the
>program stops sending all the following lines. It looks like you
>promised to send 10 QTC to your contact in the beginning but
>changed you mind and sent only 3 or 4. Yet the number that you
have sent
>in the beginning says something like 32/10.  I know, it is
>difficult to overcome but what about letting the operator to
preview the
>QTC and use the cursor to move around the QTC screen so that
>line can be marked "do not send" or "repeat this line again" and
>header is formed only after previewing and marking.

Good point, Igor.

When I read it in the rules DURING the contest (one of these days
I am going to be prepared for a contest!), I wasn't sure if that
had happened during any of the QTC's I had sent out earlier.  I
never did see that happen.  But, conceivably it could.  Maybe the
software can be written to recognize that the QTC's are being
sent to a station whose call is in that group and skip over that
QTC to save it for transmission to another station later.
There's nothing in the rules saying the QTC's have to be sent in
any particular order...That way, it would be invisible to the
both operators and not require any special manipulation by the
sending operator. .

Also, I felt guilty as heck when I had to tell a Euro asking QTC?
that I was QRU, when, in fact, I had five QSO's right in front of
me.  I realize the situation, but still felt a bit badly about
the 'lie.'  Maybe there should be a guilt multiplier in this

dale, kg5u

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