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Kevin Schmidt w9cf@ptolemy.la.asu.edu
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 23:17:57 GMT

"Igor Sokolov" <ua9cdc@dialup.mplik.ru> wrote
> >I do this often.  Just give TR the serial port of your modem.
> >Use your terminal emulation program (or control-B) to dial
> >up your ISP and then telnet to the cluster (cluster.akron.net
> >works).  TR will then just think it is talking to a TNC.
> >
> >Tree
> I have tested the above. Does not work for me. I do it in Win95. Start
> telnet program (CRT in my case), telnet to one of the sites where feed
> from dx summit is available,start to get spottings. I start TRlog in a
> dos box and when the program asks for the port where my tnc supposed to
> be I give the port where modem is connected (serial 4 in my case). I
> continue get spots on telnet app but nothing shows up in TRlog. What do
> I do wrong?
> Igor, UA9CDC

I haven't seen any other answers.

I think you have 2 problems. First, I think that with Windows 95 you
will have to use TR to talk to the modem so that the port assignments
are done correctly. I have never used Windows 95 so maybe that is not
true.  The second problem is that it sounds like you are using a PPP or
SLIP connection to connect. TR can't use that. It would be trivial to
work around this with a more powerful or multiuser operating system,
but since Windows 95 is not multiuser I think there is no easy way to
talk out one port and log into another.  Two solutions are:

1. Get a "shell" account from your ISP. Typically this means you
connect through the modem using TR to an account on a machine at your
ISP, and then telnet from a command prompt there to wherever you want.
I believe this is what Tree was describing.

2. Set up another computer to act as your shell account. The cheap way
to do this is to use old 386 with 100MB of disk and 4MB of memory and
run linux. A cheap 14K modem will be fine for this purpose.  I have
done this for various things and the easiest way to set it up is
to borrow a keyboard and video card/monitor and either a CDROM drive or
ethernet card to load the operating system.  Once you are running you
remove the CD or ethernet card, keyboard and possibly the video card,
and tell the bios that you don't have a keyboard or video (some bioses
require a video card, but in that case it can be any old card to make
the bios happy; you definitely don't need a monitor). When you want to
use it, you just turn it on and let it boot up. You then log in through
a serial port from TR and fire up your PPP connection and telnet. Since
TR is talking to the telnet connection everything will work fine.
Anyone familiar with linux/unix can set this up in about an hour.

I hope this helps,
73 Kevin w9cf
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