[TRLog] Cum Multiplier Trigger With New .DOM Files

lrod@pobox.com lrod@pobox.com
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 04:19:50 +0000

> > I have created a number of new .DOM files to support state QSO parties not
> > covered by TRLOG. Obviously they are mainly county lists. I have had no
> > problem having them appear as new mults in the log portion of the screen the
> > first time worked but invariably there will be a half dozen or so that will
> *.DOM file entries need to be mixed case - look at the Cal QSO party
> file for an example of how the format should look.  

Thanks George for the reminder. When I did a lot of re-writing of .DOM files to 
emulate a geographic map, I ran into that problem. I had originally done it for 
SS, which because it is strictly domestic does not call a .CTY file, works just 
fine with all caps. Recalling that success, I tried to do an all cap one for 
ARRL 160 which does call a .CTY file. It definitely didn't work.

Take a look at FCONTEST.PAS to see which contests are domestic only. However, 
to avoid confusion, it is probably best to follow the mixed caps/lower case 
guidelines referenced in the manual. Basically, you need to have at least one 
lower case letter in all mult IDs in the .DOM files in order for the display 
and counter to work properly; just like George said.

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