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Any suggestions on setting up TR for the W/VE Islands Contest next
weekend?  Or, did I miss something in the manual and it's already there.

There are 3 categories:

           CATEGORY                W        VE        DX
            A. Island station             1          2          N/A
            B. Non-island station      1          2           3
            C. Island rover               1          2          N/A


            1.    Island stations (A) and rovers (B) send signal, USI or
CISA number and
                   island name.
            2.    Non-island stations (B) send signal report and state
or province/territory
                    or country.
            Note: Work island stations only once per island regardless
of band or mode.


            Island stations and rovers receive 1 point for each
non-island station worked
            and 5 points for each island station (USI/CISA) worked.
            Non--island stations receive 5 points for each island
station (USI/CISA)

73 - Ted - W8TTS

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