[TRLog] PAQSO Party Dom

Chris Robson crobson@erie.net
Tue, 01 Sep 1998 20:09:47 -0400

I was reading in interest to the post about the  .DOM problem and I have
set my program to run the PA QSO Party and have been testing with no
problems at all. I am using the approved abbreviations for the PA counites
and the ARRL sections and it is running with very little effort and
actually better in a contesting mode than some of the dedicated programs.
With mobiles and rovers the callsign has to be entered like the following:
KB3A/ERI and point totals will have to changed after the contest due to the
1 1/2 point cw calculations for upper band cw contacts. Multipliers have
worked with no problem since I combined all the mults to one DOM file.  I
have put my PAQSO.DOM and PAQSO-OS.DOM file along with my logcfg.dat file
on  my FTP site if you wish to take a look at how I am approaching the PA
QSO Party using TR. It can be found at  ftp.erie.net/home/crobson    Most
web browsers can access this site. If anyone needs it sent by other means,
just email me. It's not perfect, but it sure makes contesting the PA party

73, Chris KB3A

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