[TRLog] ARRL VHF Contest

Bob Nygren N3RN rnygren@epix.net
Tue, 01 Sep 1998 20:42:51 -0400

As a new user of TR Log and I'm trying to raise my comfort level before tackling 
the September VHF contest. I hope the group can help me with two issues.I will be 
running the program on laptops which compounds issue number two.
	First, I really like the way you can enter a call and the full grid square, 
(FN03XX) to get a precise beam heading.  On the microwave bands that can be the 
difference in making a contact or not.  The difficulty is that you cannot log a contact 
with the extra 2 letters.  You must backspace to remove the offending letters, and then 
press enter.  Am I doing this right?
	Second, if I enable the grid square map via logcfg.dat and allow VESA, the whole 
screen goes to VESA.  Not good for my aging eyesight!!
	But if I enable the grid map with control-J, or turn the VESA off in logcfg.dat 
the grid map comes up in the middle of the screen hiding the editable callsigns, the 
grid totals for each band, and partially the QSO's needed/ multi needed windows.  BUT, 
the text on the screen is "normal" sized and much easier to see.  Is there any way to 
move the grid map to the bottom of the screen?  Or any other suggestion?
	Thanks in advance!

73  Bob  N3RN  <rnygren@epix.net>

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