[TRLog] PAQSO Party Dom

Chris Robson crobson@erie.net
Wed, 02 Sep 1998 21:39:38 -0400

>I looked at these files and they are still not quite up to speed. 
>First of all, they are all CAPITALS, which as I recall, causes some problem
>with domestic mults being confused with something else by the program.
>Second, no solution has been provided for confusion between Delaware Co and
>Delaware state, Wyoming Co and Wyoming state, AL for Alabama and ALL for
>Allegheny, etc. etc. etc.
>Not everyone will know (or remember) to use DCO for Delaware County.
>If you want to try it out rename an old log to something other than LOG.DAT
>and use the TR READ <filename.dat> command to run the log through your new
>.DOM file. I think you'll find this a tricky thing, especially when mixed
>with the ARRL sections for use in PA.
>I think I and others continue to be confused by .DOM files as we attempt to
>customize TR to various contests. 
>Once again I'm trying to get ready for the PA QSO Party. Other than point
>scoring differences, this should operate identically to the Cal QSO Party,
>except that stations within PA work everything, in or out of PA. Yet
>creating a .DOM file that works for Pennsylvania counties has eluded me.
>Every time I think I have it worked out right, when I run a real log through
>it, something comes out wrong. 
>For example, for a station outside PA, the only mults are PA counties.
>Simple. But no matter how I set up the line for Montour Co, it doesn't work
>right. The mult is ignored, yet POST finds it and corrects it.
>I've tried it as 
>but nothing works. (There is also a Montgomery Co to keep it complicated.)
>I've tried capitalizing different letters, placing it earlier/later in the
>file, etc. but this and a couple others give me fits.
>This year, I'm hoping to operate from PA. Working on a .DOM file including
>PA Counties, ARRL sections (other than PA) and VE provinces/territories (13)
>plus one for DX, further confuses the matter. 
>I've tried to keep all PA county abbreviations at 3 letters (there is an
>official list.) ARRL sections come out to 2 or 3 apiece. What is the best
>way to deal with ARRL sections that are the same as the County name? For
>WY = WY (the state)
>Wyo = WYO (a county)
>The same problem exists with Delaware Co.
>Dco = DELC, DCO
>Del = DEL
>I looked at the CALQSOW6.DOM file to see what is done there. What does the
>'> Ca =' do? 
>Is the .DOM file used in some order? In other words if a mult of ABCD was
>entered, and the .DOM file read like this:
>Ab = AB
>Abc = ABC
>Abcd = ABCD
>would it work differently if it was like this:
>Abcd = ABCD
>Abc = ABC
>Ab = AB
>Also, my latest attempt seemed to ignore the VI and PR mults, instead
>calling them KP2 or KP4. Seems like they are getting picked up as a DX mult
>It seems to me that this is probably a simple process and we have gotten
>quite a bit of information about it over time, but we really need a
>complete, step-by-step, set of rules for how to make a .DOM file work. It
>would probably be easier to cover it in detail completely once and put it in
>the manual than to keep having to answer questions like these ;-)
>-- Al AE2T


	Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be. I have run my test on
this version for about 2 -3 hrs with no hicups. The difference is I stick
to the standardized abbreviations used in the PA Party and don't vary from
the standard entry for the county and section. I guess after running the Pa
party for so long, the county abbrev. come naturally and I don't have a
problem with DCO and DE or WY & WYO. Pa counties are standardized to 3
letter abbrev. and for the most part, sections are 2 letter if possible. If
this is a problem, there are some dedicated PA QSO Party software the have
been written that are first class. My best choice is the windows version,
however I wish to use TR this year because I am going Rover this year and
TR is more flexible for my operation than all of the others. Maybe We will
get lucky and PA QSO Party will be added to the list of default contests in
TR someday.
Good luck and enjoy the Party, all 67 counties WILL be active.
73, Chris KB3A

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