[TRLog] Sprint - feature suggestion...

Scott A. Stembaugh scott@purdue.edu
Tue, 8 Sep 1998 08:58:00 EST

On  7 Sep 98 at 0:08, Doug Smith W9WI wrote:

> Tree, can you set a trap to send "HEY DUMMY, WAKE UP" in CW if
> someone tries to work the NAQP during a Sprint & vice-versa???
> 73 Doug

Or better yet...TR checks the system date and compares it to a table 
of contest schedules and configures for the right one automagically.  
Tree updates the program often enough he ought to be able to keep 
this current.  If there are more than one contest for a given date 
you get a selection screen when you start.  To do test runs you 
adjust your system date to match the contest weekend.

N9LJX (with tongue planted firmly in cheek)

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