[TRLog] Sprint - feature suggestion...

Doug Smith W9WI w9wi@bellsouth.net
Mon, 7 Sep 1998 00:08:38 -0400 (EDT)

6.29 worked *perfectly* for me..

With one exception.  It absolutely refused to log my first QSO.  After about
15 seconds of total panic, I realized the LOGCFG.DAT I'd copied set the
contest to "NA QSO", and it didn't like the serial number in the exchange
field...  Which is the exact opposite of what happened to me at the
beginning of the SSB NAQP, when it refused to log the first QSO because
there wasn't any serial number, because I had set the contest to "SPRINT"...

Tree, can you set a trap to send "HEY DUMMY, WAKE UP" in CW if someone tries
to work the NAQP during a Sprint & vice-versa???

73 Doug

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