[TRLog] Lower case calls & dupes in TRMASTER.ASC

VR98BrettGraham vr2bg@harts.org.hk
Wed, 09 Sep 1998 02:01:34 +0000

I see 6.28 fixed a problem where lower case calls caused POST U E F F to
hiccup.  I've POST U E F F'd quite a logs with lower case calls in them
(like from the All Asia, where I ctrl-N all those pesky JAs who call me,
thinking I'm on Pitcairn & then later edit them into something I can append
to my day-to-day General QSO log) & I have yet to have a hiccup.  After last
weekend's AA SSB, I POST U E F F'd that massaged bit of "log" into my
TRMASTER database & by chance I went in with a text editor to fix a few names
I knew of & stumbled across a bunch of lower case calls.  I go in & edit
TRMASTER.ASC quite a bit & I don't think I've ever seen lower case calls
in the file until I ran 6.29 POST U E F F.

I then decided to look a bit closer & sorted the file alphabetically (thanks
again to K5TR for pointing out QSORT - the only way to sort these huge files)
& discovered some dupes, like:

 4Z5JA =H1 =Nwhoever

So I slowly looked through all 300-odd kB of this particular file & found
all over. The ones I found I manually fixed (changing the example above to
4Z5JA =H3...) but now I wonder how many I missed.

Potential problem or have I done soemthing wrong?

73, VR98BrettGraham

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