[TRLog] Hand-Entry Log for WAE

Tom Acree tom@halcyon.com
Tue, 8 Sep 1998 20:15:14 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,

I just got TR-Log (v 6.29) and used it for the first time last weekend for
the All-Asian Phone-- superb program!

Since the program is so flexible, I thought I might actually use it to do
a submission for my minor-league participation in the WAE CW back in
August.  I have about 60 QSOs from that contest.  They're typing in just
fine, except for the QTCs:

First time I've done a WAE, and as I read the rules even a QTC with one
previous QSO is legitimate.  Basically I gave anybody who wanted one a QTC if I
had any unreported QSOs pending.  I had some QTCs with as many as the max,
10, and a few QTCs of only 3 or 4. 

TR-Log won't accept the small-size QTCs, just responds with a QRU and
wants me to move on to entering the next QSO.

Is there a way to fool TR-Log into accepting small QTCs?  (Or, did I screw
up the QTC rules :-) ?)

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

Best regards,

Tom  K7TG

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