[TRLog] State QSO Parties

Chris Robson crobson@erie.net
Sun, 27 Sep 1998 11:10:09 -0400

 I don't wish to slight the ops in Minnesota, however,I was interested how
Minnesota QSO Party received a place in the standard contest list when
Pennsylvania(one of the top two state QSO parties) never is considered.
Maybe we can down load various state qso formats from the TR web site and
make them available to the "dirt track circuit" contesters. I know I have
developed my own for the PA Qso Party(btw: Oct.10th & 11th) which works for
me. I realize the PA QSP Party has a unique scoring system, but I believe
TR can handle that also with the proper approach.

73, Chris KB3A

 PS. Will be operating from at least 7 counties in the PA QSO Party(one
week after the Ca QSO Party!!) 

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