[TRLog] PTT behavior...

Ronald D Rossi rrossi@btv.ibm.com
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 08:57:30 -0400

>>>n6tr@teleport.com said:
> > For the first time I have a rig that cares whether or not PTT is
> > asserted when it is keyed. I have been unable to disable PTT with the
> > PTT ENABLE option. Regardless of the setting PTT is asserted when CW is
> > sent. Also the 'TUNE' (ctrl-shft) will send PTT regardless as well. The
> > only difference I noted between the PTT ENABLE settings is that when
> > TRUE keyboard CW will assert PTT when enabled, when FALSE it will only
> > be asserted when CW is being sent. Is this WAD? 
> The PTT should not be asserted when PTT ENABLE is false and this is
> how it works for me.

I will check the output of the parallel port and let you know. I do know both 
signals are being presented to the radio. When I unplug PTT, I only get the 
side tone. When I leave it in the rig transmits.

> Are you using the serial or parallel port?  Shouldn't matter, but I
> am using the parallel port here and maybe the serial port is 
> broken - but I have never had anyone tell me that before.

Serial for rig control works great. Parallel for paddles, PTT, KEY.

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