[TRLog] ESC key blues

Al Gritzmacher ae2t@bigfoot.com
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 20:08:01 -0500

At 12:56 PM 2/23/99 -0800, George Fremin III wrote:
>K8KFJ@aol.com writes:
>> Why use paddles Dan?  I've heard others also indicate they use paddles in
>> conjunction with the software....something I've never understood.  Keyboard
>> mode is one keystroke to get in....and one keystroke to exit (nothing
could be
>> simplier or faster).
>Sending with paddles is simplier and faster.
>I can just reach for the paddles to stop the CW being sent
Yes, but my fingers are ALREADY on the keyboard, no need to reach for anything!

I think it's a matter of what is most comfortable for you. I rarely use the
paddles in a contest at all anymore.

>and starting right NOW the two or three letters I need to
>send - and at the same time I can type on the keyboard
>making corrections.  I can touch type but I usually find
>it much faster to send with the paddles than to enter
>keyboard mode and this does not stop me from doing things
>in the logging program WHILE I am sending CW - something you
>can not do if you are in the keyboard CW mode.
Of course, to do that so that it interrupts TR's sending, it's necessary to
use the paddle input, not just merely having a keyer/paddles 'in parallel'
with the interface. To me, the paddles are a fall-back for when the computer
locks up (rare occurence!) and the paddle interface wouldn't be working
anyway. To cover all bases, I would need two sets of paddles!

Guess I need to practice one-hand typing while sending CW with the other! I
only just discovered I can send left-handed if I do it without thinking
about it (and have a reversed set of paddles) so why not learn another talent?!?

Just another case of TR's having more than one way to do things to suit
every situation or taste!



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