[TRLog] Paddles

James P. Cassidy 107770.3462@compuserve.com
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 22:08:21 -0500

Last weekend we had an unusual RF problem with one computer/key interface,
it would randomly key with RF from the 15m transmitter.We it cured by
unplugging the paddle, which meant I was forced to use the keyboard  for
anything I didn't have in the computer.  I gained a little skill at sending
the minimal info on the keyboard but several times had a tough time getting
back from the keyboard CW to the keyboard to enter other info.  I attribute
most of that to being close top brain dead from lack of sleep.  
It would have been much better if I had the padles to use.  RD filtering is
going in the interface asap.  One strange thing is that same interface has
been used in almost all DX contests since CQWW CW 1997 with absolutely no
problem. Go figure.
73 Jim KI7Y  

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