[TRLog] Can't abort CW immediately w/ Esc

D. R. Evans N7DR@arrl.net
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 12:15:26 -0600

On 12 Jan 99, at 21:26, Martin Huml wrote:

> I find the same problem.  Hitting Esc does NOT abort the CW immediately,
> which causes panic in every CW contest.  I'm finally learning that a

This happened to me half a dozen times this past weekend. I'm pretty sure 
that ESC used to kill the CW instantly, even on my ancient 20 MHz computer. 
It certainly doesn't any more. Sometimes the whole exchange got sent even 
though I hit the ESC as soon as I realised what was happening.

  Doc  N7DR

PS The reason this happened was because of the following scenario:

I'm in S&P mode. I hear someone send a power, so I dump that in the 
exchange window. Then he sends his call (perhaps he's only signing every 
two or three Qs) and I put the call in the exchange window. Then I hit 
<ENTER> to call him. TR's state machine doesn't seem to understand that I 
haven't called him before. It believes (erroneously) that because there is 
already an entry in the exchange field, it's already called the guy. So 
instead of sending N7DR, it sends 599CO, which makes me sound like even 
more of a lid than I really am.

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