[TRLog] Intermittant FT-1000

John Battin jbattin@email.msn.com
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 21:02:21 -0500

Please computer guru…I need help
I have a Acer Pentium running Win98. TR is loaded with  Comm 1 packet, Comm
3- FT1000 and  Comm 4-network to computer B.
The only other program on the computer is Log Windows.
   Everything works fine except sometimes the FT-1000 refuses to
communicate. The network  works…packet works.  Log Windows will always
communicate to the radio,  but sometimes  TR stops and
the only way to fix it is to delete the comm  ports, shut down, let windows
find them, and reload the drivers from the Win 98 CD. It then  works
sometimes for days and then presto, dead FT-1000 again. It may be that it
would be OK in a contest, as it seems that it is some combination of
stand-by conditions that screw it up. If I let it run overnight, sometimes
it is fine in the morning and  sometimes not. No fiddling with comm port
settings in “systems”will bring it to life when it is dead. Windows always
says the comm ports are fine with no conflicts.  I am sure with some more
time I will have more information on what makes it quit. But it is baffling
to me that Log Windows always talks to the FT-1000 but in dos, TR does not.
  Thanks for any help you can bring.  John K9DX

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