[TRLog] IOTA and Master DTA

Soro Roberto soro@sia.it
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 09:48:32 +0200

I haven't seen the previos message on the reflector, so I resubmit.
Please apologise if you receive it twice
Hi all,
I will use TRLog in the next IOTA contest from J49WI.
I'm trying to set it up for that contest and need some help.
MY IOTA statement in CFG file.
Should this work to send my Iota Ref # in the exchange reports??
or shoul I have to enter it my self -- Alt-P (C,E,O)??

The master Call DTA seems to carry some IOTA ref #.

What is the field ID for the IOTA ref #??
I would like to insert some callsign in advance and need info to edit.
Is that =V ? since I saw a =VAS007 that should indicate AS-007 ref #?

How can I obtain the iOTA ref # info in my exchange window?? from the Master

Thank you all for the cooperation.
best 73.
Cu from SV9.
Bob,I2WIJ - J49WI


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