[TRLog] ptt/cw keying/dvk trigger

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
21 Jun 1999 18:37:43 -0000

> I'm going to build an interface box today for ptt, cw keying,
> and dvk triggers. I see that Tree recommends relays for the
> first two. Are these 5vdc or 12 vdc? I guess I could get in
> there with a voltmeter, but maybe somebody knows offhand and can
> save me a trip into the rat's nest under the table.

It doesn't matter.  I use 12 volt relays - but what you need to
do is buffer the printer port output and then turn on a transistor
to sink the current on the other side of the relay coil.

> I'm going to try to use the dvk triggers to pick up relays
> to trigger the internal dvk in the ts-850. Are these 5 or
> 12vdc, and is the pulse duration long enough to pick up a
> relay momentarily? I guess the common return line for the
> dvk triggers is pin 18 (gnd)? Or is it pin 1 (strobe)?

The 850 doesn't mute the microphone when playing DVK messages.
I consider this to be a show stopper.


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