[TRLog] ptt/cw keying/dvk trigger

Ron D. Rossi rrossi@btv.ibm.com
Mon, 21 Jun 1999 17:16:45 -0400

>>>n6tr@teleport.com said:
> ...
> The 850 doesn't mute the microphone when playing DVK messages.
> I consider this to be a show stopper.

FWIW I dug into the schematics a bit to see if there was a way to get the 
DRU-2 to feed into the data input instead of the mic input. If you gnd the PKS 
input (packet stand-by line) the mic is muted while the data input remains 
active. While easy for an external DVP, the DRU-2 path is hard connected to 
the mic at the mute circuit.

Hmm actually there MAY be a way out of that box if you give up some of the DRU 
function. I just had another idea about it I need to check out in the 
schematic...more soon.

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