[TRLog] 2 Retractions for 1 e-mail.

K4BEV@aol.com K4BEV@aol.com
Mon, 4 Oct 1999 10:14:26 EDT

Start brain - Engage keyboard.
I knew that.

As suspected the logging problem was MY fault. EXCHANGE RECEIVED = RST 
DOMESTIC OR DX QTH limited the first received field to 3 characters.
I modified a previous contest's config file for the CAQP and blew it. I 
figured that if this was a bug the reflector would be flooded and wanted to 
get my drop in too.
Tree responded before I could go through the config file. Where else can you 
get service like this???
Again; my apologies for the bandwidth - I'll really try to make a point of 
calming down and thinking BEFORE I post anything else.
73 - de k4bev

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