n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
5 Oct 1999 02:21:50 -0000

> In many state QSO Parties, there are stations operating on county lines.
> I have seen as many a four counties given as multipliers.   The rules
> state credit for one QSO but credit for all the Multipliers.
> Is there a convenient way to handle this in TR LOG  to assure proper
> credit for both QSOs and multipliers ?

Not really as this is a real mess from a programming perspective.
Here are some tricks:

1. If you only need one of the mults - log is as mult1/mult2 where
the one you need is first.  Make sure you have literal domestic QTH

2. If you need both of them - put the second on in the mult column of
the previous QSO.


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