[TRLog] Problems with TRFREE and the Paddles

Michael Ruzinsky maruzin@earthlink.net
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 17:32:17 -0400

Thanks for all of your replies.  Here is what I have so far.  The port is listed in the Windows as an ECP Printer Port (LPT1).  Under the properties it has an IRQ of 07, and DMA of 3, INPUT/OUTPUT range of 0378-037F and an INPUT/OUTPUT range of 0778-077A.  I have checked that setup on several machines in the shack and they all seem to work fine.  

I did notice now that on the laptop I am able to get at least one dah or dit out of the key before it stops working.  However, I can't repeat it until I completely turn off the laptop and restart it again.  Given that fact that everything works well on all the other machines, then it must be the parallel port on the laptop.  And since this is my only decent laptop, I am inclined to solve the problem. 

Does anyone out there understand the theory behind the interface and the parallel port enough to help me troubleshoot this problem?  I would like to determine if the parallel port is good, and I would like to determine if the interface is adequate for my computer.   In other words, what functions do the pull up resistors serve in the interface and how can I test my setup to see if they are adequate?  I have a scope.

Mike, n8ecg@arrl.net  

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