[TRLog] TS-940 Interfacing

Marty Watt mwattcpa@earthlink.net
Sat, 16 Oct 1999 16:11:11 GMT

I've gotten the interface to the TS-940 working, and from the rig to the
computer it works well.  When using TRLog to change bands, however, it takes
about 13 seconds from the time I press the band change until the rig responds.
Also, if I enable the SHIFT keys to adjust frequency, it moves at a terribly
slow rate, and the rig beeps at every display change.  It continues to change
frequency long after I release the SHIFT key.

This is my first time interfacing a radio with contest software, so I'm not
sure if what I'm experiencing is normal or not.  I'm running the rig on COM3
serial port, 3E8 IRQ4, at 4800 baud.  I have a modem on COM1, my HotSync cable
for the PalmPilot on COM2 (2F8 IRQ3).  I'm not sure of the modem hex address
or irq.

I tried on SERIAL 4 with the same results and issues.
Marty, N5NW
Memphis, Tennessee                         http://home.earthlink.net/~mwattcpa

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