[TRLog] Callsign Update Feature?

David & Amy McCarty mccarty@hal-pc.org
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 22:24:32 -0500

I'm testing 6.42 on my laptop.  Think I got it all working, even loading
a big TRMASTER so I can see how that works.  THEN...strange things seem
to be happening with callsign updates in the exchange window after
sending a message with Control-U.  Has this been noted and fixed

Dave K5GN


I type in a hypothetical call as though he answered my CQ:


Auto send, etc. pick up and I end up in the exchange window:


I note that the TRMASTER recommends HB9CRV.  I pretend that's what I
should have heard and type HB9CRV in after the 14

  14 HB9CRV

I note that the mult info window updates as I type.  COOL.  Then I
accidentally hit F4, which contains Control-U and @.  Control-U means
update the CallsignICameBackTo variable with the call window contents. 
I note that the mult info window now has gibberish in it where the
HB9CRV callsign used to be.  And if I press return with 14 HB9CRV in the
exchange window, I see that the original call HB9CUV goes into the
editable window.  It also calls CUV a dupe if I've "worked" him before,
so it really is thinking CUV is what I intend.  

I also note that after the Control-U memory is called, if I backspace in
the exchange window it seems to remove the entire callsign with one
keystroke, though the cursor does not move.  The Mult Needs For window
clears to listing mult needs for 14 (as though the zone were entered in
the Callsign window).  The next two backspace keystrokes remove the zone
while the cursor remains out in the middle of the exchange window. 
Further backspacing moves the cursor to the left; parts of what used to
be in the exchange window now appears in the Mult Needs For window.

Are these features or bugs?


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