[TRLog] TR Log - Release 6.44 notes

David & Amy McCarty mccarty@hal-pc.org
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 23:10:02 -0500

n6tr@teleport.com wrote:

> Version 6.44 - 27 September 1999

>  - Improved default grid calculations for bunch of countries which improves
>    the accuracy of sunrise/sunset, distance and beam headings.  Countries
>    that now use prefix include CE, CP, EA, EU, HK, JA, K, LU, OA, OH, PY,
>    SM, UA, UA9, UK, UN, UR, VE, VK, XE, YV, ZL, ZP and ZS.  UA, UA9, UK, UN
>    and UR use full oblasts for even better resolution.


>  - Disabled AUTO SEND CHARACTER COUNT feature if the call entered so far
>    has / in it.  This keeps it from starting for calls like JA1/WB6ZVC.

Oh, wow.  This is one of those things that, try as I might, I could
never seem to learn.  I run with autosend count = 3, but could not
consistently prevent myself from typing in JA1/WB6 instead of stopping
after JA1.  My mental model for the call breaks at the end of the suffix
and could not be overcome.  I never asked for a fix, but thank you,
thank you, thank you.

>  - Fixed REMINDERS and TOTAL SCORE MESSAGES in config file.

Fixed what about them?

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