[TRLog] Alt D bug?

David & Amy McCarty mccarty@hal-pc.org
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 00:43:49 -0500

Clive Whelan wrote:
> << The two radio automation
> is really only configured to work when you are CQing on the main
> radio. >>
> I thought as much, however.......
> Quite simply I *cannot* call CQ, I don't get replies in 1999,
> complete waste of time. ( used to in 1969  :-((  )
> Two radio mode is a marvellous tool for the popgun contester. I
> run two bands in S&P simultaneously.  Used it for the first time
> in IARU and increased my Q rate by 50% compared e.g. to CQ 1998
> with less activity.
> << I will do some thinking about doing this in the S&P case, but
> I am
> not sure it can be sorted out easily. >>
> Confess I don't understand what is going on at the nuts and
> bolts level, but anything you  can do will be welcome.

Tree, I'll second the motion.  I often find myself in 2-radio S/P mode. 
I find myself logically assuming Alt-D will help me quickly resolve a
station heard on the off rig, even though I am in S&P on both bands.

Also, Kirk K4RO, requested ctrl-enter working in Alt-D.  Great idea!

Dave K5GN

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