[TRLog] Resending RST after contact is logged?

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
22 Oct 1999 15:26:16 -0000

> I'm a new user of TRLog. I'm preparing to use it in the QRP ARCI Fall QSO
> party this weekend, as a warmup for SS in a couple weeks. I like to program
> the function keys for quick resending of parts of the exchange. In
> particular, I want to be able to resend the RST that I sent. If I program
> F3 in Exchange Mode with "]", and I'm in the middle of a CQ-mode exchange,
> it works fine. However, if I'm working S&P, once I press Enter to send my
> exchange and log the contact, pressing that key after my exchange has been
> sent has no effect. I assume that's because I have empty call and exchange
> fields. Is there a way I can overcome this? Or am I simply mistaken? I
> couldn't find anything in the manual about this.

It is because the QSO has been logged.  When you use the ] character,
it sends the information in the RSTSent field of the QSO record for
the QSO in progress.  When the QSO gets logged, this information is 
cleared - in preparation for the next QSO.  

You can work around this by using F2 to send the exchange instead
of RETURN.  This will not log the QSO until it is QSLed and then
you can hit RETURN (which will not send the exchange since you 
already sent it).

However, it is easy enough to change the program to let you repeat
whatever the last RST sent regardless of the QSO status.  This will
be in the next release which I plan on putting out this weekend.


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