[TRLog] Resending RST after contact is logged?

Jack Fleming oolon@eskimo.com
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 19:43:36 -0700

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> > I'm a new user of TRLog. I'm preparing to use it in the QRP ARCI Fall
> > party this weekend, as a warmup for SS in a couple weeks. I like to
> > the function keys for quick resending of parts of the exchange. In
> > particular, I want to be able to resend the RST that I sent. If I
> > F3 in Exchange Mode with "]", and I'm in the middle of a CQ-mode
> > it works fine. However, if I'm working S&P, once I press Enter to send
> > exchange and log the contact, pressing that key after my exchange has
> > sent has no effect. I assume that's because I have empty call and
> > fields. Is there a way I can overcome this? Or am I simply mistaken? I
> > couldn't find anything in the manual about this.
> It is because the QSO has been logged.  When you use the ] character,
> it sends the information in the RSTSent field of the QSO record for
> the QSO in progress.  When the QSO gets logged, this information is
> cleared - in preparation for the next QSO.
> You can work around this by using F2 to send the exchange instead
> of RETURN.  This will not log the QSO until it is QSLed and then
> you can hit RETURN (which will not send the exchange since you
> already sent it).
> However, it is easy enough to change the program to let you repeat
> whatever the last RST sent regardless of the QSO status.  This will
> be in the next release which I plan on putting out this weekend.
> Tree

Yeah, I often use the F2 key just to keep things simpler when they ask for
repeats, so that's shouldn't be too much of a hardship.

I'll also be messing around in the ARCI QRP contest tomorrow and tonight I
set things up just to test them out.  I probably am doing something wrong,
but here's what happens:

-- I call CQ

-- K7RAT answers.

-- K7RAT sends me "569 OR 5"  (RST STATE POWER - because he's not an ARCI
member and is using 5 watts).  Unfortunately the program interprets this as
his ARCI number is 569 and my report is 559 and logs this info.

-- If K7RAT send me "5 OR 569" and I log it that way then the program
interprets it correctly and logs my signal report as 569 and his power as 5

-- If K7RAT sends me "569 OR 7070" then it again interprets things correctly
that 569 is the signal report and 7070 is his ARCI number.

-- If K7RAT sends me "569 OR 100" then it incorrectly thinks my report from
him is 100 and the ARCI number is 569.

-- If K7RAT send  me "599 OR 5" and I don't log the 599 and just put "OR 5"
in the window it won't accept it.  Hitting enter gets no response.

-- If K7RAT sends me "599 OR 7070" and I don't log the 599 and just put "OR
7070" in the window it does things right and give me a signal report of 599
and logs 7070 as K7RAT's ARCI number.

While the ARCI contest isn't a big rate fest and these problems will be easy
enough to work around I thought I would mention them to see if I was doing
something wrong or if the program might be tweaked in the future to figure
this stuff out.

The biggest problem in ARCI contests isn't software - it's sorting through
pileups of stations with signal strengths of 2 and 3.  The occasional 569
station is a huge relief!

Thanks and 73!

  - Jack, WA0RJY (K7ED in contests)

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