[TRLog] N6TR schedule

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
27 Oct 1999 14:21:45 -0000

I will not be in the CQ WW SSB - so, I will be around if anyone
has any questions.  However, on the 4th of November until the Monday
afterwards, I will likely be out of touch from both the phone and
internet.  I will once again be visiting W5WMU for the SS CW contest.

K5TR should be available for technical support during this period.
I am currently not expecting to make any releases before SS.  I will
probably spend some time while at W5WMU doing a few things to the 
program and perhaps have a release when I get back.  It will probably
focus on furthur implementation of the Cabrillo format and the ongoing
list of small bugs and enhancements that never ends.

73 Tree

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