[TRLog] Packet Interface

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
29 Oct 1999 02:16:58 -0000

>  However, if I disconnect (or get disconnected), the spots stop going to the
> bandmap even though I can see them on the packet window (CNTRL-B).    What
> am I missing?  I would like to have the band map update if data is coming
> into the packet port (whether or not I am connected to the node)...  Make
> sense?  Getting disconnected during a contest unfortunately happens and I'd
> rather not have to keep an eye on the connect light on the TNC.  Is there a
> parameter I can change to make the packet port talk to the bandmap even if
> not connected to the cluster???

When you are not connected, the spots are in a different format, and
currently TR doesn't understand that format.


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