[TRLog] Packet Interface

Don Moman ve6jy@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 20:49:04 -0600 (MDT)

Haven't tried it lately, but in previous contests TRlog never minded about
being connected or not, which is good as we got dropped connections very
often.  Stuff came thru to the band map just great.  Always thought TRlog
was just smart enough to be dumb enough not to care about that....

On the other hand......in the hair pulling department.....6.45 wants my
FT1000mp as FT1000MP or it does the usual divide by 16 in the frequency
(thinks its a plain FT1000). It wasn't so persnickety about case in the
past... shades of 6.44...

Therefore 6.43 will be weapon of choice for the weekend.....

73 Don

On 29 Oct 1999 n6tr@teleport.com wrote:

> >  However, if I disconnect (or get disconnected), the spots stop going to the
> > bandmap even though I can see them on the packet window (CNTRL-B).    What
> > am I missing?  I would like to have the band map update if data is coming
> > into the packet port (whether or not I am connected to the node)...  Make
> > sense?  Getting disconnected during a contest unfortunately happens and I'd
> > rather not have to keep an eye on the connect light on the TNC.  Is there a
> > parameter I can change to make the packet port talk to the bandmap even if
> > not connected to the cluster???
> When you are not connected, the spots are in a different format, and
> currently TR doesn't understand that format.
> Tree

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