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Wed, 1 Sep 1999 22:47:25 +0200

Kurt, bitte entschuldige, daß ich dir auf der Liste in englisch antworte.

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Von: Kurt Simon <KurtSimon@IBM.Net>
Betreff: [TRLog] SLASH MARK CHAR Problem
> if i use the "SLASH MARK CHAR = -" (on the german keyboard the minus
> sign) then i can't exiting the TRLOG after end of contest. If i try to
> ALT-X for normal exit, then i can turn around for the bandswitch
> (160-80-40 ...) but never exiting.

I can reproduce this. Alt-X works as if Alt-V was pressed.
> SLASH MARK CHAR = # works fine, but the - char is better on the german
> keyboard.
1) It doesn't. With this key definition, Alt-X is OK, but now it is Alt-H
that acts as Alt-V, so you can't get onto the help screen. Haven't tried
other characters yet.

2) BTW: The - char would be quite convenient, but is not recommendable if
you are using packet. You will never be able to connect to something like
db0erf-7. All you get is db0erf/7.  :-0

> any ideas ??

The "Alt-V-syndrome" occurs only with USE BIOS KEY CALLS = TRUE, so if at
all possible, set it to FALSE. TR works very well when accessing the keys
from the hardware side.

73, Udo
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