[TRLog] Wrong call

Tom Hammond - N0SS n0ss@earthlink.net
Sun, 05 Sep 1999 14:01:08 -0500

Hi Guys:

I think it WILL send the updated call IF the call in the call windos 
has been sent COMPLETELY and attention been allowed to automatically
drop to the EXCHANGE window.... seems last time I tried it, if I
aborted sending the erroneous call in the call window and entered it
correctly as part of the exchange window contents it DID still want
to send the call window contents first.

73 - Tom Hammond   N0SS

At 14:31 09/05/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>On 5 Sep 99, at 18:04, LRod@pobox.com wrote:
>> > Half of this can be cured by turning CALLSIGN UPDATE ENABLE = TRUE. This
>> > will fix your log entry.  However, TR will still send the callsign that
>> > is in the call window instead of the "correct" call in the exchange
>> > window.  
>> > 
>> > To send the correct call, you will need to edit it in the callsign
>> > window as TR hasn't totally sorted out the exchange window contents
>> > before sending the exchange.
>> Far be it for me to argue with the software developer, but are you sure
>> about this? I seem to recall one of the charms about TR was the ability to
>> send the corrected call with the exchange when the corrected call is typed
>> into the exchange field.
>I'm pretty sure I did just this last night.  Several times. =:o
>Or, maybe it was with the callsign window empty, but the call and the
>in the exchane window.  Sprint is alway such a blur...
>Lee Hiers
>Cornelia, GA
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