[TRLog] Wrong call

Lee Hiers aa4ga@contesting.com
Sun, 5 Sep 1999 14:31:12 -0400

On 5 Sep 99, at 18:04, LRod@pobox.com wrote:

> > Half of this can be cured by turning CALLSIGN UPDATE ENABLE = TRUE. This
> > will fix your log entry.  However, TR will still send the callsign that
> > is in the call window instead of the "correct" call in the exchange
> > window.  
> > 
> > To send the correct call, you will need to edit it in the callsign
> > window as TR hasn't totally sorted out the exchange window contents
> > before sending the exchange.
> Far be it for me to argue with the software developer, but are you sure
> about this? I seem to recall one of the charms about TR was the ability to
> send the corrected call with the exchange when the corrected call is typed
> into the exchange field.

I'm pretty sure I did just this last night.  Several times. =:o

Or, maybe it was with the callsign window empty, but the call and the exchange 
in the exchane window.  Sprint is alway such a blur...

Lee Hiers
Cornelia, GA


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