[TRLog] Wrong call

Dale L. Martin kg5u@hal-pc.org
Sun, 5 Sep 1999 23:27:20 -0500

>Half of this can be cured by turning CALLSIGN UPDATE ENABLE =
>This will fix your log entry.  However, TR will still send the
>callsign that is in the call window instead of the "correct"
>in the exchange window.
>To send the correct call, you will need to edit it in the
>window as TR hasn't totally sorted out the exchange window
>before sending the exchange.


My Callsign Update is set to TRUE.

I misstated the problem.

I am in S&P mode.
I enter the callsign incorrectly in the callsign window.
When he comes back with his exchange, I realize my mistake and
type the correct call in the exchange field including the
exchange info.
When I hit RETURN to send him my exchange, TRLog logs the call
correctly, but sends the mistyped call which was in the callsign

I did a few tests and it was consistent.

Additionally, one of the things that keeps biting me from Sprint
to Sprint is that F3 in the CQ mode is empty.  When I'm in S&P
mode and I hit RETURN after copying the station's exchange and my
exchange is being sent, TRLog goes to CQ mode.  If I am asked for
a complete repeat (and SOME of us are, Tree!), nothing is in F3.
Can TRLog automatically put the full exchange in F3/CQ mode like
it does in ALT-P-O-8 ?  I keep having to stop somewhere in the
contest and fix it.

Otherwise, it was great fun last night...TRLog worked like a
champ; it was the op that was the limiting factor.

dale, kg5u

dale, kg5u

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