[TRLog] crashes

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
13 Sep 1999 05:21:26 -0000

> The PC crashed like six more times in the contest, five of which were of the 
> "spontaneous reboot" variety.  One of them was a lock-up.  That time, the 
> call window said:
> K5LLL !@+%&\*(

The ( indicates that the program is about to do the floppy save feature.  
The ) character would appear if the save was done successfully.

I believe you said you were using 6.42.

Here is an excerpt from the 6.43 release notes:

 - Fixed floppy save crashing.  Under certain amounts of available memory,
   an amount of memory exceeding the amount available was attempted to be
   secured.  This resulted in an IO error, which would result in either a
   program crash or strange behavior.


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